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What is Pepp?

Pepp is a mentoring program that intends to inspire more girls and young women to immerse themselves in technical studies. Pepp strives to encourage, challenge stereotypes and show the endless possibilities that engineering can offer. By gathering girls in upper secondary, university students and companies, Pepp creates a platform where thoughts and experiences can be exchanged, dreams grow and visions created.

Visionaries in Pepp shares the goal to see more female engineers and are convinced that this initiative can make a difference. The target group is girls in ages between 16 to 18, they get the opportunity to talk to a mentor – who majors in technical studies on university level – about anything they wish, where sky is the limit. The mentee will also be able to attend evenings filled with inspiration in collaboration with companies and motivational speakers, where they get an insight of what an engineer can do after finished studies, both expected and unexpected roles. The mentorship program is financed through volunteer work and with contributions from companies who share the same vision of the significance of more girls entering the world of engineering.

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